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Sri Rangam Trichy

Srirangam and Srirangam Temple

       Srirangam is famous for Sri Renganathar temple which is one of the 108 vaishnava temples and is called Earthy Heaven (Boologa vaikundam). Srirangam boasts an historic past steeped in tradition that is not obsolete with respect to its root of culture and all the investigations including carbon dating tests made in this divine realm, have proved this, that the most ancient, genuine and recognizable traces have been left by the aboriginal Indians. This is a region, formerly the hinterland of the Coromandel Coast that was famous for its commercial dealing with China and Europe.

        Srirangam is an island situated in Trichy district of Tamilnadu and located between the banks of Cauvery and Kollidam rivers. Srirangam keeps following Sukla yajure vedha - the inner division of Vagineye Ganva for its practise of adoration. "Gopuram" (Tower) of the temple is called Rajagopuram (literal meaning Royal tower) which stands majestically above all other towers with a height of 236 feet and hence becomes the tallest tower in Asia built by Agobila Mutt, Srirangam. It is believed that the shoreline of Sri Lanka can be seen from the top of the Srirangam Rajagopuram. Srirangam is admired as the city of festivals. Though the celebrations are throughout the year, the most important "car festival” (to lead the life peacefully) is celebrated every year in the month of April/May (Tamil Month: Chithirai) and the "vaikunda ekadhesi"(attaining the status of no re-birth by residing at the feet of Lord) festival is celebrated exuberantly from December-January (Tamil Month: Margazhli–Thai). During these holy festivals millions of people and devotees from all the corners of the world do gather in Srirangam and they extol the various names of God. This means, God comes to those, who shout his name, just like the mother wakes from the sleep, when she hears the child cries. As time goes by devotees will forget entirely the God-devotee relationship. They will think of only mother-child relationship between themselves and God. Many foreigners, who witness the liaison between the God and devotees involve willingly in the devotional dance and purely enjoy dancing devotionally with other devotees. People sit in small groups and relax themselves, and then they feel like a child sitting on the lap of its mother. The local municipal authority makes all the necessary arrangements for this festival. Since Srirangam is one of the holiest places in India, it has become a beautiful tourist spot. Every year people from all the parts of the world make a visit to Srirangam and so lodges, commercial buildings, residential apartments, shops, art galleries, decent hotels, vegetable markets, transport workers and city guides are waiting eagerly to receive the tourists for their mutual benefits. Library, beauty care centres, gymnasiums, Internet cafés, supermarkets, Carnatic music and Bharathanatyam centres, meditation and yoga centres adorn Srirangam even more. Tourists from foreign countries learn Carnatic Music and Bharathanatyam because of their traditional value and attraction. The education system of Srirangam is well organized in the form of nursery schools, elementary schools, high schools and an arts & science college. Good medical facilities which range from small clinics to hospitals are also available. Doctors and Nurses are in the line of duty around the clock. The railway station of Srirangam is one of the revenue generating centres for the railway department of the Indian government. Some direct trains and many connection trains are operated from here to other parts of India every day.International Airport is also availablein the Trichy city it takes around 45 minutes to reach the airport by car and by city bus around 1.15 hours.
       Hybrid mangoes and coconuts are cultivated here and exported to the other parts of the world and many hybrid fruits and vegetables are being experimented. All these are possible only with the grace of the river "Cauvery". Devotees determine the "bath in the holy river Cauvery" top priority. Because, the river "Cauvery" is considered holier than the river "Ganges" The reason is, waters from Cauvery are used for the holy services of "Lord sri Renganatha".
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